It is a space for inventive encounters, where artists, researchers and curators can develop their projects in a stimulating, distraction-free environment of interdisciplinary dialogue.

A point of intersection between humans and nature, the local and the global, cutting-edge practices and age-old traditions, PAiR is a place where new meanings emerge via creative experiments and interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing.

PAiR is also a cultural destination that provides locals and travellers alike with meaningful artistic content in an unconventional setting. By hosting a rich programme of events and workshops, PAiR seeks to help contemporary art find its way into the hearts of as many people as possible.
PAiR was founded and is managed by the VV Foundation, with the aim of stimulating creative interactions and promoting the transfer of knowledge in contemporary art.


PAiR is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea in Pāvilosta. The 500 km long coast has played a significant role in the geography, politics and culture of Latvia and has influenced both local occupations and culture. PAiR is situated on the edge of the Grey Dune nature reserve that covers 42 hectares of land and was established to protect the Latvia’s widest dune.


The residency is located in a historical wooden house, built in 1901, and completely renovated and refurbished in 2021.

PAiR residency offers rooms and resources for artists, writers, researchers and other creative professionals in various fields for experimentation, research and professional development. It houses four individual rooms for residence, two studios for creative work, a library with several open workplaces, an art gallery, and a weaving studio, where the local weavers of Pāvilosta work. Each individual room of the residents is equipped with amenities, and there is a shared kitchen and separate dining room with a common table.

The artwork of Katja Novitskova is on public display on the north facade of the building.

residencies at PAiR

We invite artists, curators, researchers, writers and other professionals in the arts, humanities and sciences to apply for a residency at PAiR, giving them the opportunity to pursue their project in a productive, hassle-free setting.

Our biannual open-call residencies are organised in collaboration with an internationally renowned guest curator and feature up to four participants working on their projects over the course of 1 to 3 months.

All PAiR residents enjoy their own private bedroom with a bathroom, as well as full access to the premises, which feature studio space, a library, an art gallery, a fully furnished kitchen and a common dining room.

we care

Along with accommodation, PAiR covers travel costs to and from Pāvilosta and provides practical support at every step of your stay. The provision of specific working materials can be arranged.

To make your residency experience as rewarding as it gets, we provide curatorial guidance, as well as a healthy balance of undisturbed deep work and constructive peer interactions, opening unexpected perspectives on your project.

For details regarding applying, please see the current call above or contact us at

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PAiR is home to a collection of works by established and aspiring contemporary artists from the Baltic region. Paintings, photographs, graphic works and installations acquired by VV Foundation blend into the residency’s cosy wooden interior with a distinct vintage touch.


The PAiR library, curated by VV Foundation co-founders Vita Liberte and Vilnis Štrams, contains a constantly growing selection of art books, and volumes of art theory and philosophy, as well as valuable reference material in English, Latvian, Russian and other languages.


To expand PAiR’s atmosphere of community and aesthetic values beyond the doors of the residency, we have established a garden where everyone can become part of a collective effort to embody the beauty of nature while respecting local landscaping traditions.

In collaboration with Pāvilosta municipality, the square facing PAiR will soon be transformed into a sculpture park, hosting pieces created by contemporary artists for the meaningful enjoyment of connoisseurs and the wider public alike.