PAiR Public is a rich programme of events and workshops aiming to engage a diverse audience in dialogue with contemporary art, and strengthen Pāvilosta’s status as an essential cultural destination on the west coast of Latvia. The PAiR public programme aims to establish a meaningful connection between professionals in arts and culture and locals and visitors to Pāvilosta.

PAiR gallery offers Pāvilosta locals and visitors high-profile curated exhibitions highlighting notable developments in the arts in the Baltic region and beyond. Panel discussions, public lectures, book readings, theatre and music performances seek to prompt the transfer of insights and experiences between members of the art world and the wider public.

At PAiR, members of the Pāvilosta community are invited not only to learn, but also to teach. We appreciate the knowledge and skills that have been nurtured over the ages as part of the local identity, and look at weaving and foraging for healing herbs as sources from which inspiration can be drawn in the 21st century as well.

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