Winners of the 2023 Autumn Call

We are happy to announce the Winners of the 2023 Autum Call! The 46 projects submitted have revealed a wide variety of approaches to engaging communities in art-based placemaking processes. The quantity and quality of the proposals have led the jury to an exciting and complex deliberation process. We would like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal for their interest and efforts. And we are thrilled to welcome:

Dzelde Mierkalne, a multidisciplinary artist with a background in printmaking. With great reverence for technique and process, Dzelde aims to overthrow technique-related artistic standards to create something new and find its place in today’s context.

Katrīna Čemme makes prints and sculptural objects, using materials with unique characteristics. She began exhibiting work in 2012 with shows at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, XCII, RIXC, Systems, the National Library of Latvia, Conditions of Contemplation, Riga Art Space, and kim?.

Chin Meng-Hsuan is from Taiwan. Her paintings and drawings evolve around the ambiguity of space, time, and everyday life. In abstracting visual and verbal elements from various encounters, she explores the relationship between thinking process and bodily movement intrinsic to the painterly practice.

Stefan Klampfer has studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but he likes to see his practice independent of a specific media. He is interested in fundamental questions on the process of making art, investigating borders of art and non-art.

Amine Dhouibi is an independent artist and composer from Tunisia, on an inspiring journey of self-discovery within the vast universe of music. Amine’s compositions transcend boundaries, blending modern jazz, diverse musical influences, and a profound vision to create a truly unique artistic expression.

Laimdota Malle is actively working across varied media, including drawing, printing, sculpture, and animated images in order to create installations with a specific interest in questioning meanings of collective and personal experiences. Using various techniques, she is recording impressions through copying on different surfaces and materialities and recreating images from photographs, in order to build a collection of pieces of everything around. Through her own experiences, combined with the need to research, understand, and collect, she creates metaphorical stories that reveal hitherto unknown landscapes and realities.