Group exhibition “∞”

From December 18, 2021 till February 18, 2022 a group show “∞”, in which different generations Latvian artists have turned to reflections of tradition and nature in their contemporary practice, will be on view at the PAiR gallery. In exhibition participates Maija Purgaile, Pēteris Sidars, Mareunrols and Hele, and the Pāvilosta weavers group “Lumstiņš”. Curator of the show is Hele.

Saule auda audeklīnu

Ezerīna malīnā:

Zelta šķiets, vara nītes,

Sudrabīna šautuvīte. 

(The sun wove a fabric 

On the shore of the lake: 

A reed of gold, copper heddles, 

A shuttle of silver.)

/Latvian folk song/

Latvian folk art is essentially rooted in observation of nature and natural processes. Cosmic rhythms, change of seasons, every natural event is woven in the form of patterns and motifs into various fabrics – belts, blankets, hair bands and towels. Many contemporary professional artists also draw from this same source of inspiration preserving the typical feature of the Latvian soul. This was the underlying principle in the work of the founder of Latvian professional textile art school Rūdolfs Heimrāts – in his creative work and in his work as a professor at the Art Academy of Latvia. Combination of the traditional and the contemporary is what became the foundation for the professional textile art in Latvia. Two artists participating in this exhibition – Pēteris Sidars and Maija Purgaile – also belong to the so-called school of Rūdolfs Heimrāts, which was formed during the period from the 60s to the 80s of the last century.

Since ancient times weaving has symbolically been associated with the great natural laws of existence. Even the smallest part, i.e. each warp yarn, each thread, is important and can give impetus to something greater, something unknown.

In the same way we begin to prepare for winter in spring, we also prepare for the next life during our lives. Could it be like the infinity, the rules of which we learn only after death, before our birth in a space of light somewhere in between, where time exists no more? Could it be that we can look back on all we have done, think it over, learn there and later even without a memory of it maybe keep a fragment of eternity unconsciously inside of us, growing in each life spiritually, becoming stronger and developing ourselves?

We are all like a filling yarn in the cosmos, strong or weak, with deeper values or without them, golden, silver or aluminium, or maybe even a synthetic yarn. We are all a part of this world, which is like a large fabric. During the time of each life we intertwine with other yarns and create something unique and wonderful. And we also are and will always be inseparable from the yarns of the earth and nature itself. Could the fabric become more beautiful and strong, if it is natural, formed under the light of the sun?

To sum it up I would like to quote Jānis Poruks, “At the heart of poetry (also art accordingly) is beauty and moral, not just simple, practical moral, bet particularly transcendent moral, which comes into being, when the man asks questions about reasons and purposes of the general will in nature… The role the Sun fulfils in macrocosm is the role fulfilled by love in microcosm. They both are creators, both are at the centre and everything revolves around them. Like the sun is everything to the world, so love gives the man the highest a word, love is the spirit of the Sun itself.”

On December 18 and 19 open doors will take place at the PAiR residency from 11 AM till 5 PM.

Exhibition is supported by VV Foundation and Pāvilostas Local History Museum.