Exhibition of Dirty Romantics opening on May 18

Inviting us to find harmony, the exhibition Dirty Romantics interprets the whispers of the past and explores the evidence of our world with the charm of chance in recycled openness.

Dirty Romantics = Ivars Gravlejs (LV/CZ) & Katerina Berlova (UA/DE) Ivars Grāvlejs was born in the deepest forests of Latvia and is often called the enfant terrible. He plays with combinations of languages, words and images, situations and mystifies the viewer with a certain infantilism. The art of provocation is characteristic of Graveley, who, as is often the case, can pretend that nothing special is at stake. The artist is currently teaching speculative spiritual photography in the Czech Republic and trying to eliminate his enfant terrible ego as Sunny Bumbulitis. One day, Sunny Bumbulitis met Gumiyas Ezīti (Ukrainian teacher Katerina Berlova from Dnipro’s 9th floor) in the Carpathian mountains. The hedgehog likes to sneeze cakes, smell and touch interesting things. They called themselves Dirty Romantics. They like to explore the world and have fun. Dirty romantics are inspired by the concept of mistakes and clumsiness. They pay attention to aestheticizing destructive phenomena.

Recent creative activity of Dirty Romantics:

2024 Octopus Rococo, Kogo Gallery, Tartu

Art Journal #10, Riga: SIA Valters Dakša, ISSN 2592-9801

2023 Looking for Trouble, Galleri Image, Aarhus Dirty Roman will be held in collaboration with R. Hruda, Visuma centrs 2, Madona Ти як?, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, Kyiv

Open Studios, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht