PAiR autumn open call

PAiR residency open call for art, culture and humanities professionals active in various fields and roles – artists, curators, researchers, thinkers, writers and others, from all countries. The PAiR open call program will take place from August 15 until October 15 2023. During the residency, residents will be provided with curatorial assistance in their research process, with at least two studio visits from art professionals, as well as connections to the local art scene.

Pāvilosta Residency is an international interdisciplinary place of residence for creative people that provides artists-in-residence and other creative professionals with time, space and material resources for research, experimenting and professional development. The residency is willing to promote the emergence of various new, world-exploring and reflective art forms, bringing together specialists from different fields, in order to develop intercultural cooperation, interdisciplinary knowledge and promotion of location-related artistic research.

To apply, please go to

PAiR covers:
The PAiR residency offers a studio, living space, access to library and gallery, curatorial support (at least two organised studio visits), provides administrative support and, if necessary, workshops, materials, tools and research resources. All the residencies are free, applicants are responsible for covering personal (daily and travel) expenses. We will issue acceptance letters for successful applicants and support their applications for external grants to cover any costs.

The building includes four separate rooms for residents, two studios for creative work, a library with several workspaces, an art gallery, as well as a weaving studio where Pāvilosta local weavers work. Each individual room will be supplied with all the necessary facilities. The building has a shared kitchen and dining room.