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June 29, 2023

How we perceive sound in the physical world can be explained by its frequency and intensity. The concept of frequency is well known because it determines whether a sound is audible to humans. For example, sounds in the ultrasonic range cannot be heard by us, but some animals can detect them. However, our understanding of sound intensity is not so simple. Why doesn’t the intensity of the sound double when the second violin joins the first? How can the architecture of a room affect sound intensity? Also, what exactly is absolute silence, and is it even attainable?

This session will explore a variety of extended techniques for playing the chalumeau, a baroque woodwind instrument similar to the clarinet. Attention will be drawn to the intriguing interplay between the unique sound of this instrument and the acoustics of the PAiR Gallery. Before presenting a short improvised piece that incorporates all these concepts, we will introduce and demonstrate a collection of musical gestures specific to this instrument.

Antoine Reserbat-Plantey (PhD) is a research physicist working at the CNRS (France) and a saxophonist. His research is related to the interaction between quantum optics and nanomechanical resonators.


June 29, 2023